Entertainment place
Bowlicious Café + Bowling is an entertainment place, equipped with the latest technology for spending endless hours in a comfortable and controlled environment.
Amazing playground
"In the jungle" is an amazing playground, specially designed and full of colors which enchants all the young and old people who are hosted there.
Latest technology computers
From the area of Play4all could not have been missing the latest technology computers with high-quality displays for professional work and play.
Comfortable and well appointed area
A comfortable and well appointed area to play with your friends pool.
Board games
We proceeded to the creation of a space that is the backdrop of a board game with vivid colors and playful mood.
For those who love video games
For those who love video games Arcade Heroes is the right place to spend your hours, playing your favorite games.

Play4All Xmas Pranks
Play4All Xmas Pranks
Play4All Xmas Pranks
Play4All Birthday Parties Video
We love Sundays @ Play4All

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